Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Opening Night is a Wrap

Opening night has finally wrapped and more would have been posted sooner, however my 3 year old decided to return the french fries he'd had before church as we were driving back to our hotel....lovely, thanks bud. Service tonight kicked off with KY District Superintendent Robert Tilley welcoming the crowd. Jeff Brantley mc'd the service. General Youth President Michael Jadrnicek led worship with "Here in Your Presence" and one we hadn't heard yet (so my wife promptly sat down and wrote out some words in her notebook)"Our God". Loved the worship service tonight. I noticed that Thursday night speaker Rev. Bobby Lewis was in the back near us for opening night and he's a worshiper. Nothing drives me crazier at a conference than seeing one of the sessions speakers just checked out of a service they're not preaching/teaching. Not the case tonight, I'm looking forward to hearing Bro. Lewis on Thursday.

Bro. David Akers openend the 2010 GMC with the above titled sermon and from all inidications, knocked one out of the park. Rather than try to hash out all his points, I'll just recomend you to order the conference DVD's. I will have to do so since I heard him begin but ended up spending the rest of his sermon in kids church with my daughter. My father-n-law who's a Pastor in the KY District described it as "wonderful". I do know that as kids church ended and I made my way back into the main auditorium, you could see and still feel the after effects of what must have been an awesome alter service.

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