Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Finishing Touches

Our Kitchen spent most of Sunday and Monday looking less like our kitchen and more like well, what you see above. What started as "helping out" turned into a bit more the last couple of weeks as we are helping the ALJC KY District Missions America (used to be home missions)get a booth together for GMC. Lot's of information available for ministers who feel a burden to come to Kentucky. The map has over 1oo pins in it representing Apostolic churches from ALJC, UPC, WPF, Independents, and more. I'll get a close up later, I think KY is like most states lots of undeserved communities and a few with a church on nearly every corner.

Bro. David Akers preaching tonight.

Looking forward to getting there later today to set this booth up, then service! Nothing compares to hundreds of Apostolic people worshiping together. The Downtown Hilton in Lexington will be rockin' ( in a purely Apostolic way of course) tonight! Bro. David Akers, the Southeastern District Superintendent is the speaker tonight expect a full run down of tonight's service later.

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