Monday, June 28, 2010

To the infinite and beyond....and other unknowable perspectives

Today's link brings us to an awesome blog post, but an allegedly not so awesome person. That person, Donald Miller, you may or may not know of as that guy who is leading the emergent crusade to make religion all about liberty and nothing of commitment. Except that is a very poor stereotype. While at times Donald have a flare for the dramatic, emergent is one of the last terms I would associate with him.

But anyways, for today's link posted above you get an excellent blog about God making certain things about Himself and his creation unknowable to humankind. One quote,

"In my twenties, I thought I understood God. I read a book or two and then believed my limited knowledge of God was all-encompassing. I defended my understanding of God with passion and even anger. I’d associated my identity with my answers and defended them as though they were part of my redemption, part of the portfolio I’d eventually show God that might impress Him so He’d let me into heaven. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to believe I don’t know everything about God. And not only that, I’ve had to admit and confess my desire to know everything about God was really about control. God does not give us comprehensive knowledge about all things."

And I think somewhere in the post, there is a great amount of wisdom to be learned. I also find the blog a very succinct representation of one aspect of postmodernism: Unlike the modernism of man before us, postmodernism knows that it does not know full truth except through a faded glass. Nor does postmodernism pretend to know full truth.

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chantell said...

Don Miller is my boy. I will defend his honor to the hilt.