Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Angels Singing With Eric Bibb

I know I've posted about him before, but I had the opportunity to take in a concert by one of my favorite blues/gospel singers, a one Mr. Eric Bibb. This time, I drove a few hours to see him. Last time, I was his courtesy driver.

To say that he a is a most gracious and humble human being would still be an understatement. If everyone in world had the spirit this man has in person, there would be little or no human abrasiveness. I've met many in show business, but Mr. Bibb goes on record as being the nicest in my experience.

Plus, he has the ability to turn a largely secular audience into a live church service with most of his stuff. While this clip is not from the show I was at (he was solo), I yelled "That'll preach, Eric at the end. He says, "looks like we've got a genuine holy roller sitting out there," as he smiled.

Enjoy the clip, with its room-ambient quality and all.

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