Thursday, June 18, 2009

The End of Christian Media?

As the Internet makes everything more accessible, the bursting of the Christian/Evangelical sub-cultural bubble appears to be imminent.  Christian magazines are disappearing from print like believers in a Left Behind Rapture scene.  But, as this article from Newsweek points out, it goes deeper than the general trend away from print media. 


Christian magazines are having a difficult time staying cutting-edge because similar content can now be found in many popular magazines or websites.  Christian bookstores are also suffering because people can now purchase or read books online for much cheaper.  But these effects are being felt by magazines and bookstores everywhere.  Products that label themselves as "Christian" also have to deal with the breaking up of the Evangelical movement as a whole.  More and more Evangelicals are becoming less willing to identify themselves with the Evangelical movement as a whole.  Consequently, they are more open to other sources of information and advice.  "This next generation, they can read a marriage magazine or a parenting magazine and filter it through their Christian worldview..."


So what is happening to all the Christian artists?  Some of them are finding acceptance in the scary world of mainstream culture.  Christian singers, film-makers, and yes, even writers are finding a more welcoming environment for quality art, even what we have typically labeled "Christian."  Seems like a good time for APs to be pursuing "unusual" callings .


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