Monday, June 29, 2009

My Calling: How Do You Encourage Others?

This week's cover story offers several opinions on the best way to help others pursue their calling from God.

You've read theirs, now let's hear what you do when you encourage other believers.


Anonymous said...

Hep me support my nephew in his calling to do media work. He has submitted a short church ad into a contest and needs votes to win. This is a most practical application!

Ellie Neumann said...

It is always thrilling to watch someone "do their thing". I try to lavish praise on people when they are right in their zone excelling and being passionate. No matter what that interest is, God gave it to them and He wants them to use it for His Kingdom and His glory. I think sometimes folks just need to know it is okay to be unique. Not only that it is okay, but that it is very important to the health of the Church body for them to perform their unique task.