Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sarah Palin Derangement Syndrome

I blogged once, rather satirically, that the reason the hard political left hated Sarah Palin was because she didn't live up to Team Feminism's creeds about not allowing a Down Syndrome baby to see the light of day.

Now, I think that's part of it, but with some amendment.

I also blogged about how a flamboyantly gay man (Perez Hilton) was allowed to to refer to former Miss California titleholder , Carrie Prejean, in incendiary and sexually-degrading terms on a mainstream news outlet with not a single register of outrage from that same media strata. In their defence, they perhaps saw this as a fight between two women, but I doubt a hard, biological vetting would come to the same conclusion.

Either way, any and all press referrals to Miss California (including her recent title loss) always--always include her supposedly "controversial" imposition of her opinion in an otherwise static environment.

Let's look at this bit of stupidity in loose syllogistic form:

  1. Over the top, effeminate dandy asks Miss California a question that requires her to disseminate between two viable options: "yes," and "no."
  2. Under dressed, but far more-appealing than Hilton, Prejean, picks option number 2.
  3. All the Western world erupts as if she picked a third option, outside the parameters of the question.
And it has become vogue to still continually trash her. I mean with palpable hate. All because she (graciously) allowed her conviction to be known--when solicited for it.

But is was David Letterman's recent, out-of-remission bout with Palin Derangement Syndrome that got me thinking about what Ravi Zacharias contends as the philosophical argument having the most effect at the visual and artistic level. To wit: Family values based on biblical principles seem to be at least perceived to have more impact when delivered by beautiful women with grounded principles. And they must be stopped dead cold.

Why else would Mr. Letterman need to refer to her as dressed like a "slutty flight attendant" in one monologue and then joke about her underage daughter being sexually assaulted by Alex Rodriguez in another? On his mainstream show?

Where along the road to discourse did the supposedly "tolerant" left get idea it was okay to blatantly assault the sexual virtue and purity of people who simply disagree with you on abortion and gay marriage? Or--go after their children? You hear a single person booing that joke? I didn't. I heard the applause from Nero's coliseums.

And people think the wholesale corralling of the Christian couldn't happen in this country. Think again. It will happen someday--with impunity--and Letterman will still manage a rim-shot punchline over lions and orphaned children.

If the world hates the virtues of Christ so much, and are willing to destroy the possessors of those virtues, then wait until they simply find it more convenient to eliminate the source of those virtues and the ones who possess Him.

Are you ready? Because it's getting cold in here. And fast.


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aahrens said...

I laughed and shook my head in seriousness - all while reading this post. I actually emailed Letterman and told him that his attack on Palin's daughter made him look like a dirty old man (which I think he IS, by the way). I'm so sick of the blatantly OBVIOUS tilt in the media - it's ridiculous and insulting. Insulting in the fact that they all must think we're all so STUPID that we don't understand what they are doing! GOOD GRIEF!!!! They won - they had their way - let it GO!!!!

I agree with you that it's getting cold in here, by the way. Sadly, you're right........again.