Monday, June 15, 2009

Pictures Of Tyranny

Want to see how confident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is in his "landlside" Iranian victory? In high-resolution?

Click the image to see what happens when one challenges the Imamic supremacy of a pint-sized, islamic nutcase with a members-only jacket. My only question is: was ACORN somehow involved with this?

I will invoke a content warning at the outset. The picture above is consistent with the series you're going to see, with a few very bloody photos blacked out--ones that require you to click them in an elective fashion. My advice? Click them. Click them and understand two things:
  1. That the Obama administration wants roundtable talks with these people "without preconditions."
  2. That he thinks nuclear technology is safe in the hands of these people.


brian said...

Thanks for posting this--

aahrens said...
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aahrens said...

Had to remove the comment I orginally posted because of a typo that totally distorted what I was trying to say. I viewed these photos with frustration at the situation AND at our govenment for not seeing the reality of it, until I saw the picture of the protestor helping the riot policeman - yes, HELPING the policeman to safety. Doesn't that just about sum things up and tell us who should have - and probably DID - won?