Thursday, June 25, 2009

Timing Is Everything

To prove South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford is an even bigger idiot than we thought yesterday, if he would have waited just 24 hours to make his adultery revelation, no one would have cared because the king of pop died of a heart attack. Timing is everything in politics!

We're gonna get Princess Di coverage for the next 2 weeks & an adulterous governor from a small state wouldn't have caught anyone's attention but political junkies. Probably no one would've been at the news conference.

Still True

"Always release bad news on Friday afternoons" (or in this case, Thursday afternoons), has never been truer.

So where were you when you heard Michael Jackson died? (My son called me from home while I was at work. Many co-workers were stunned into silence.) Is this a significant cultural moment?

I'd like to see what some Pentecostals think!


brian said...

His sad, misguided life tells the whole story: What does it profit if a man gain the whole world but lose his own soul?

"Phoebe's Sister" (a.k.a. mjk to my friends) said...

The face in the photo speaks volumes. Do you see righteousness? Do you see peace? Do you see joy? Or do you see someone who's passed on into eternity - his final visage a freeze-frame of his frustrated search in all the wrong places.

The wise man said, "As a tree falleth, so shall it lie." Eternity is an equalizer - there, what you are is on trial. Your earthly position pales into insignificance and your earthy accomplishments count only as witnesses, for or against you.