Friday, November 21, 2008

Bridging the Gap


As a theologian, I believe that science and the Bible do not have to be at war .  I believe that both reveal truth, and that all truth ultimately comes from God.  So I was thrilled to read this article about a scientist proudly and publically declaring the same thing.  In the interview, Karl W. Giberson does a good job of avoiding landmines on either side of the battlefield.  He insists that many Christians read Genesis in a way that "robs it of everything that is interesting."  On the other hand, he refuses to give up his faith in God.  "You're stepping off the page of science," the interviewer says refering to his tenacious faith.   "Absolutely," Giberson agrees with no qualms whatsoever.  Let's just hope that in trying to find a middle way, Giberson doesn't get caught in a crossfire.


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Anonymous said...

I love science as well. And I would love to agree with you but I am afraid that I love the Bible more. There is no middle ground between evolution and the Bible. Most of science that has been used to back up evolution have been lies. It is possible to be a scientist and still believe in God's entire word. But that is not what this guy in the article you linked is doing. If you read carefully he is throwing out fundamentalism. This means that he does not take the Bible literally. He thinks that Genesis 1-8 has just a spiritual meaning. He would say that Adam and Eve never existed. That they were not real people. This is important because the apostle Paul seemed to believe Adam was a real person. He would probably also say that Noah's flood was just a local, not worldwide. I will suggest two things to you: 1) visit the Creation Museum in OH; it's an incredible experience and will help you put full faith in every word of God. You must be careful when people doubt the Word of God. The first thing Satan did in the garden of Eden was doubt God's Word... "Hath God said?" 2) pick up and read a book called "The Long War Against God". Also God in creation make science such more beautiful. Theology was the queen of the sciences at Harvard and Yale, when they were started. It was what united the rest of the sciences together, until evolution crept into them. I hope this is helpful. God bless!