Friday, November 07, 2008

Day One in Pictures

Ay, I have been so lax in my blogging duties. It's just that the Symposium is so action packed, there's very little down time. So instead of trying to fully elaborate on each session, I'll post some pictures and comment on each one so that at least you'll have an idea of what went down today. I just want to say that I LOVE being here. It's so nice to be in an Apostolic academic environment. The things that I have learned about the Word of God and about the history and context of the Word of God are amazing. The opportunity to hear a variety of viewpoints and engage with others about theological issues is just refreshing. So here we go, Day One in a nutshell:

Steven Beardsley presenting his paper on recognizing both the human and divine elements of the Word of God.

Sarah Wise presenting her paper entitled "Yes We Can Because I Am." It was an extremely timely and moving piece that spoke of the optimism in the recent election results and how it can affect our faith and uplift our movement.

Our very own regular Collideoscope contributor, Josh Remington (2nd from left) presenting his paper on interpreting Genesis outside of the science polemic. Read the paper he presented in its entirety here.

Nate Binion presenting "Understanding the Emergent Church and the Implications for Apostolics." It's usually a good idea for the church to understand what's current and have conversations about it for the purpose of awareness even though it may not endorse it.

Jeff Brickle leading a panel titled "Orality, Performance and Media: The Book of Acts." Reading text and letters out loud before an audience was an integral part of transmitting information in the early church.

Fellowship during the reception

More fellowship during the ending reception

More to come!

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