Thursday, November 06, 2008

Symposium Day One

We're about halfway through day one at the UGST Symposium. What can I say so far? Wow! There have been so many wonderful discussion already I feel my brain is destined to explode before the end! This morning I presented my paper that is featured on the Mother Ship this week. It was well received, but I have gotten out so much more than I have put in.

The session that just wrapped was on the idea of using the King James Version of the Bible. Is it the only valid version? Is it the only truly inspired version? Or can we use other versions in its place, particularly to evangelize a postmodern culture? The great thing about these sessions is that after the presentations there are plenty of opportunities for discussion and dialogue. If there are weak points in the paper, someone will find them. If there are additional strengths that were not considered, they too will be brought out. It is true theological dialogue where everyone has a voice. Hope to be able to fill you in with more details (and pics) later tonight.

Josh R

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