Sunday, November 16, 2008

China Continues To Confuse Many

I remember when our American spy plane was intercepted in China, setting off what looked like it could become a standoff. We eventually negotiated the return of people and things, but not without the oddest of stories returning with our pilots. The one that sticks out in my mind the most is the story of our pilots being interrogated about everything including Eagles music--particularly the lyrics to Hotel California.

Me? I thought it was the execption to the rule with regard to the Chinese government. But behold, a new law that threatens the very core of Guitar Hero's inertia:

Miming at live performances could be banned from next year, China's ministry of culture has announced.Singers who lip-synch or musicians who pretend to play their instruments twice or more in a two-year period, face having their business licences revoked.

Only professional performers will be covered, which will presumably mean the country's most celebrated case of faking it - at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics - would be exempt.

Granted. We did force the world to contend with Milli Vanilli before we came to our senses. But man. I just don't get the whole riff.


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