Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thank You...

(in no particular order)


...Jesus for loving me even though you know me.


...God for being an artist who creates beautiful masterpieces even in lives that look hopeless.


...Kent Curry for tirelessly dedicating yourself to a ministry where nobody pays you, and everyone gripes at you for something, and for being a good friend and a great editor.


...Mom and Dad for believing in me even more than I believe in myself and for loving me so much.


...Denelle and Ron for being faithful and having plenty of posts when my creative well runs dry (as it so frequently does).


...Dr. James Littles for teaching me so much through lectures and example.


...Dr. James and Steven Beadsley for opening up your lives to me.


...Pastor Abraham lavoi for giving me a church where I can be me (as scary as that is!).


...everyone who reads these blog posts and my articles at 90 & 9 even when my writing is not the best.


I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


josh r


Anonymous said...


Ron Giesecke said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Josh!


aahrens said...

A hearty "ditto" to that! God Bless.