Monday, November 10, 2008

Final Symposium Thoughts

OK, so I'm a lousy live blogger, but I did want to fill you in on the Symposium finale.  Throughout the Symposium there was a track looking at the orality of the Scriptures.  The Bible was written in an oral culture so whenever it was read it was out loud.  People experienced the Scriptures by hearing them.  There were several papers presented detailing what this looked and sounded like. 


At the end of the Symposium there were two dramatic presentations by Terry Vik and Howi Tiller.  One of these was a dramatic reading of Galatians.  Phenomenal!  It brought together all of the academic concepts that had already been discussed, and it showed that hearing the Word of God is still powerful even though we live in a literate culture.  Most importantly, it ministered.  It's easy to read Paul's writings as letters to ancient churches, but hearing the words presented truly made it feel as if Pastor Paul and God were speaking directly to me!  Vik made Paul's frustration, anxiety, and love for his flock come to life in a way that was truly unforgettable.


One final powerful experience was the Apostolic Leadership Summit Service at the World Evangelism Center.  Worship was lead by Nathaniel Binion in a way that ministered to and embraced the diverse assembly.  Bishop James Johnson, former Presiding Bishop of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, presented an anointed message.  And the Holy Spirit showed up in a wonderful way as APs from different organizations joined in unity by taking communion together.  It was not an academic session, but it was not something I would have missed for anything.


That about wraps up Symposium commentary for me.  If I can figure out what is wrong with my camera I will try to post a couple of pics tomorrow.  Just one final note--Symposium dates for next year are October 29-30 so mark your calendars and start making plans to see what you have been missing!


Josh R

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