Friday, November 21, 2008

Credit Where Credit is Due Department

While there are legitimate fears that a Democratic controlled Congress will begin shoving seriously off-balance legislation and judges onto the American people once the Obama presidency begins, let’s pause and give them some credit.
The Big 3 automakers came via private jet, pretending it was hat in hand, begging for a $25 billion bailout, and the Democrats said, “Sorry, ya need a plan first before we’re going to be spend with the taxpayer’s money like this.”

This is the same response they gave Secretary of the Treasurer Henry Paulson when he determined $700 billion would save the economy, but didn’t have a plan.

In stark contrast to the Republican (supposedly conservative) Congress that approved every crazy spending motion made by the pre-9/11 White House from the (supposedly fiscal conservative) President, they are insisting on accountability during desperate times. Let’s give them some props for their maturity in crisis.

Let’s pray that it continues because there’s a lot of big decisions to be made in our near future.

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Ron Giesecke said...

Agreed. Thankfully, it was the "supposedly conservative" republicans that were thrown out, and not "actual conservative" values" (people believe they elected a tax-cutting protector of the 2nd amendment while banning gay marriage in Cal.).

I have a feeling, however, that accountability will be meted out to someone other than Chris Dodd and Barney Frank, who, while being in the direct pulse of the Fannie Mae catastrophe, have positioned themselves to investigate their own crime.

-But it sounds good for now. I hope the "hope" arrives with the "change."