Thursday, October 01, 2009

And the General Superindendent is . . .

South Texas District Superintendent David K. Bernard.

Details on his acceptance speech soon!


John said...

Well, what a sad day for the UPCI. It looks like the organization is now going to get set back years as our focus is now moved back to a religion of "identity" rather than reaching out to everyone with the gospel...

Anonymous said...

I Think that it was excellent that Bernard got elected. Less politics, more action, but with the guidance of sound doctrine. Heard an old message of TWBarnes today, and the election outcome joyed my heart with the words of a passed prophet still ringing in my ears.

God can use this for the good if we'll let him.

God bless!!

Jarron Brown said...

I think it's awesome, because if anyone has proved a burden for the lost and implemented effective evangelism, it's Bro. David Bernard. I'm sure he will lead the organization forward.

Attacking men of God for their protection of the spiritual identity of the church is less than optimal. That type of action would certainly put the church back spiritually quite a few years.

When the church loses its identity of holiness unto the Lord, within and without, it's violating scripture. Thank God for leaders who uphold it.

I would certainly rather err on the side of being careful with our spiritual identity, rather than growing careless and becoming more and more like the world with each passing year.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another split coming down the road! Someone needs to get the message across that we are identified by the power of the Holy Ghost and not by the color of our socks.We are smaller, per capita,in the U.S.,today than we were twenty years ago. Our mission is to reach the lost.

Alex said...

Anonymous 2: Of course we want numbers, but if you read Joh 6:66- knowing what hard line Jesus had just put down, you see that "many of His disciples went back and walked no more with him".

There is a price to be paid and a Holy Ghost given path to walk on, that many do not want to walk on. Are you saying we should lower that standard given by Jesus just to see more people in our buildings, giving us more tithing and offerings?

I would rather have few with the truth of Jesus than many without the full truth. If people don't want to do what Jesus told them to do, they will leave. I will not try to keep them, they must choose themselves.

Jesus preached HARD and said: Doth this offend you? He KNEW that he had preached HARD. And they left. He even asked his disciples: will ye also go away? Then Simon Peter answered him in verse 68: Lord, to whom shall we go? thou hast the words of eternal life. And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God.

Will you water it down to not see them leave, and by that lose the word of eternal life, or will you stand with Jesus no matter what?

I stand with Jesus.

Jack Stewart said...

I have never heard Bro Bernard preach so I certainly could not make a judgment as to whether this is a good move or a terrible one. I have been a minister with the UPCI for 51 years and I do know that we have been moving in the right direction during Bro Haney's tenure. Hopefully that continues. He preached a great message last night.

quichang said...

Wow! Maybe Br Benard can address the "nightclub scene" in the church. I came out from the night clubs and rock concert scene and when this crept into the church the last few years it has taken over and the excuse is "this is how we MUST reach the younger generation"...c'mon give me a break! Keep going this way and soon we'll have preachers preaching in t-shirts and bluejeans to appeal to the hop-hop crowd, choirs singing with smoke bombs going off, stobe lights pulsating to the beat of the bass and rapping the lyrics to's happening already???? Br Benard, please hold on to what got me saved...the message of calvary and the message of the new birth and the holiness of God.

Kara Inman said...

I have been a member of Brother Bernard's church for fourteen years and came in to the UPC under his ministry. No man has influenced me more and none other has had the positive impact on my life that Brother Bernard has. His teaching, preaching and pastoring has left it's footprint on my heart.

He has literally made the difference in the lives of thousands of people worldwide. He is brilliant in intellect, full of wisdom, balanced in every area, HOLY, truly pure in heart and motives, and caries the same burden Jesus had for souls. God knows the need of the hour, and I believe that the results of the nominations are a reflection of God's decision, not man's, and he has been hand picked by God for the job that needs to get done in these last days. If we truly believe that the ministers who voted were being led by the Holy Ghost and were under the anointing, that should settle any question or division in our minds. We can trust God that Brother Bernard is the man of the hour. With God's hand behind him, we are going to see our movement propelled into a new dimension.

Brother Bernard .. I love you and we love you!
For all you doubters out there, one last word: Remember the cream always rises to the top

Darla said...
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2: We are smaller in numbers per capita in the U.S. than 20 years ago? Really? Does that mean you think only the UPC will be saved? How about other oneness, apostolic, Acts 2:38, holiness preaching churches and organizations? Because, if you put ALL of them together, we are greater in number than ever before.

It's time for some "UPC only" type people to stop this division. Let all apostolics of all the apostolic denominations that believe the fullness of truth bind together in UNITY. Then we'll see revival like never before.

I'm ecstatic that Bro. Bernard has been voted in. His books have proven how solid he is on the apostolic doctrine and holiness stand that the UPC so desperately needs.

By the way, I'm from a UPC church, but have many close friends from OTHER apostolic organizations who believe the same as I do.

brian said...

Very excited about Bro Bernard!!

Stanton said...

I like the fact that Bro. Bernard is a very educated man and seems to be a man of action as far as the way he administrates. I am also positive

However, I sincerely hope that the progressive steps made in the Haney administration are not discarded. I was a bit disconcerted by the way the Apostolic Identity was linked so closely to the way we look rather than the fruit of the Spirit or Apostolic Ministries listed in Scripture. Same thing at Youth Congress.

Some people forget that the UPCI is a pretty big tent. Let's stay away from pitting ourselves against each other...plenty of evil in the world to bring the light to to go around...

A. L. Stone said...

Why fear a split in the UPCI? Several splits were prophesied years before many of us were born by known prophets of God. It has been prophesied again in recent years, and nothing God does will ever do us evil if we are right with Him. Recent splits are no exception. So much for "renegades, rebels and rogues" gentlemen. God get's the last word...and no I am not with the WPF. I am with the UPC.

God is going to FORCE us to start accepting men because of their doctrine, holiness and their stands on biblical truths...and not which organization's card they carry in their pocket, bretheren!

Our problem is that we identify more with organizations than with the Word of God. I assure you that God does not. If some among us lay down holiness and justice and judgment, God will turn aside from them no matter how long they carry a card with this or any organization and he reserves the right to cut off unfruitful branches!

As long as we refuse to keep justice and judgment in some of our churches without correcting sin, God will bypass both ministers, saints and "aint's" in any of those assemblies. They are becoming more the norm than the exception among us. Sorry, but this is the truth. It is the last days. We need to accept it and take a stand against it.

When some of our ministers can throw out purity, separation, holiness, modesty and even start allowing those given to blatant sins of the flesh to function freely among us...and when entire districts know about it and their officials will not correct their sin, we ARE being judged by God.

It's been prophesied recently that God was going to restore the full five-fold ministry to the Apostolic movement. That is not just UPCI, gentlemen. God will do away with any organization refusing to turn its focus from "pastor only" ministries. Nor will God chose who he will call from whom we would allow to speak among us. I know this grates on organizational nerves, but I speak freely. God will assemble the abjects of society as he did with David and send them among us as prophets and apostles to point us back in the direction of his Word, just to see if our focus is on the Word or on the persons of men. He will not ask our permission! HE WILL NEVER ASK OUR PERMISSION!

Get ready. The next year is going to be interesting in the history of the Church (UPCI included)...while we still exist.