Tuesday, October 06, 2009

General Conference: Smart Apostolic Moments

  • UGST had the best booth set up in 2009 (though the SuperStore was a great concept) by getting a Smart Car from Detroit and wrapping it in UGST. Smart Car. Smart Christians. Good stuff.
  • The Sunday night evangelistic service counted over 700 people receiving the Holy Ghost and over 200 being baptized. That's fantastic
A few More Election Tidbits (as related from multiple sources):
  • Bro. Kenneth Haney said he was fine with the results, but he asked everyone to pray for his family. Even though he hadn't achieved 66% of the vote in his last 2 reelections, he thought it would be an act of cowardice to not stay in the running in case the brethren wanted him to stay.
  • Bro. Paul Mooney actually withdrew after the tabulating had begun for General Superintendent, stating he felt a check in his spirit from the Lord to withdraw.
  • Then, Bro. David K. Bernard revealed that the Lord had awakened him in the middle of the night - an unusual occurrence in his life - and gave him the exact Scripture the Lord had given him when He called Bernard to the ministry - Colossians 4:17.
  • As one distant commentator said, "That was an Apostolic moment."
  • And are we bragging if we tell you we predicted there would be a new General Superintendent back in December 2008? (Scroll to the bottom.)

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