Saturday, October 24, 2009

Forum Day 2: Music

Wow. That's really all I can say. Forum was awesome. The music session today really impacted me. I have to admit I went into it thinking I would not get much out of it. However, I must admit I was wrong. The question comes to mind. Should we as Apostolic Pentecostal young people be abstaining from secular music? I never really sat down to think about it. Music has the ability to completely transform emotions, it can move your spirit, and it is very powerful. Music by its very nature is designed to touch the heart and soul. Think about it. When you are listening to love songs what emotions does it elicit? When you are listening to rock n roll what do you feel? During worship service at church, what are your actions?

Now I am not saying I am going to throw out all my non Jesus music. I do believe there is secular music that is good. Truthfully, my Ipod is filled with everything from Worship to Country to Elvis. It really all boils down to this: if you feel convicted or if the emotions and actions the music elicits from you are not Godly then you might want to rethink what it is you are allowing into your Ipod, car, stereo or computer.


Rachel Peterson said...

Judging whether or not music is good by the level of conviction you feel is not always wise. We do not always feel conviction for things we should feel conviction for. One preacher (who is very musically talented) said it like this: "Does your music glorify God?" Music in the Bible was created as a means to glorify God with. It is very significant what songs you are listening to.
Interesting topic.

Anonymous said...

This "conviction" is exactly what Holiness is all about, and healthy spiritual maturity. Listening to and becoming obedient to the Holy Spirit in our lives, desiring to please Him.

The "Song" of Solomon was not directly glorifying God, neither was it bringing Him shame. Music is an art form. Caution is wisdom. Insisting any music not done by the Passion band is not good for you is safe, for sure, but not on target.

Books, movies, magazines, YouTube clips... we need Holiness, not blanket prohibitions that accomplish little in terms of growth.

Rachel Peterson said...

I was not saying convictions were not necessary. They are very necessary. However, many people have little or no convictions and do not "feel" wrong doing something. That is why it is good to have another standard to judge things by for when you are less spiritually in tune with things than you should be. Some people because they did not "feel" convicted, digressed from being someone focused on holiness, to someone who cuts their hair (female obviously) and wears pants. I am merely saying it is good to have other guidelines than how you feel about something because we do not always feel as we should about the things of holiness and the things of God. Nude art is also an art form, does that mean just because it is an art form it is acceptable? Music has an extremely powerful impact on who you are and your spirit. And I know "back in the day" any forms of non-Christian, non-worship music was highly discouraged. I wonder where that went now.

God bless

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous: So what exactly do newborn babes and "children" in the church (spiritually speaking, of course) need, if not "blanket prohibition"? The reason that things are "prohibited" in the church is to safeguard us while we are maturing. You are absolutely right in that we need to reach a spiritually mature level where personal convictions WILL come, but until then, it is essential to stay away from those things that can draw us back into the world. Even then, if we do not have a conviction that our pastor does, it certainly does not hurt us to obey his conviction. After all, he is the one answering to God on our behalf.

This is much like raising our children. While they are young, they have safeguards - sometimes extreme - in place for THEIR protection. They do not understand. They fight against it. But it is for their good in the hopes that eventually they will desire to do what's right in the long term. Eventually they will develop their own convictions, but even as older teenagers (which, if drawing parallels, is the "mature" stage of parenthood) they will need to obey even when they don't think they need to.

Agree very much with Rachel on this one. Our heart is too deceitful. Even as spiritually mature adults, we deceive ourselves. That is why if ever our conviction is contrary to the preaching, then Lord help us to JUST OBEY.