Friday, October 23, 2009

Forum Day 1: Giftings, Callings & The Arts

Day 1 of The (5th Annual) Forum at Gateway College of Evangelism in St. Louis is over in a blur. I'm exhausted with too many responsibilities tomorrow, so naturally I'm blogging.

  • Every year we try to foster an atmosphere of non-confrontational dialogue and disagreement. The surest sign we've succeeded is when the 40something people who don't know each other break into spontaneous laughter together. When people are comfortable, they're unafraid to laugh. The enter room laughed thrice during the panel alone.
  • Attendees from TX, IA, IL, MO, OK, OH, not counting Gateway and UGST students. Although the Forum was created for 20somethings, the reality is it's focused on anyone wanting to engage contemporary society. It's exciting to see a few 40somethings sneaking in to attend and interact, offering wisdom and experience to the energy and idealism of youth.
  • Biggest surprise to the planners was how the attendees chose their electives. Rev. Micah Wisdom shared the Key Note Address on "What's Possible Today," using inspiring examples of what Aps with imagination are creating today. Jason Sciscoe did a spectacular hour building that on "Physical Giftings vs. Spiritual Callings" that turned into fervent prayer and supplication. God surprised us again. 4 electives were then offered to turn inspired Callings into physical realities: Business, Full-time ministry, Community Salt & Light, and "The Arts: Music, Graphic Design, Writing." We were suprised when the biggest group went into the smallest room--"The Arts."
  • On reflection, this shouldn't have been a shock --this generation is hungry to create. Plus, there's precious little in Ap events today about pursuing our Artistic callings (though I understand there were recent events in Louisian & Texas along these lines). Still, it was a charge to see 19 people of all ages soak in methods to pursue their artistic calling -- and even get more traditional Apostolic leadership to support these creative sowers. Hooray for our future!
  • Pictures this weekend. Sorry -- a man's got to know his limitations.

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