Thursday, October 01, 2009

Election Excitement!

In this morning's Minister's Meeting, UPCI General Superintendent Kenneth Haney was not reelected (due to term limits, he had to achieve 66% of the vote).

Upon a general ballot for candidates, the top 3 nominees were:

Paul Mooney - 660
David Bernard - 469
Jerry Jones - 254

But wait! After a bit of time, Bro. Paul Mooney removed his name from the vote saying his first priority/call was Calvary Tabernacle in Indianapolis!

More news soon!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Politics as usual...removing your name from consideration is suspect...keeping in mind that if his true calling is the church he pastors why did Mooney even allow his name to be submitted to begin with?? Or maybe he just didn't pray hard enough to hear the voice of god.

Even in the "church" leaders jockey for position all done under the guise of the "calling of god"

Its all about position with these people.