Friday, October 09, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize: Didn't See That Coming!

Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize today after creating no noticeable peace in the world. I can only assume he will be accepting his Best Actor Oscar next year because he hasn't appeared in a film.

Seriously, why would they put this millstone around his neck 10 months into office? (Not even FDR deserved a prize 10 months into office!) Is there that much Bush hate in Europe? The poor guy is weighing serious decisions about continuing the war in Afghanistan, among many other major challenges and they do this to him, all the while pretending they have legitimate criteria to justify it?

I’m a guy who believes in what the Nobel Prizes are all about, but the Nobel Foundation has seriously damaged their credibility with this one.


brian said...
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Mary Frances said...

AMEN!!! =)