Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is the Biblical word 'Fool' the modern-day equivalent of 'Racist'?

This article Should Christians Use the Word Fool? contends that the modern day meaning of fool is "someone lacking in judgment or prudence". Therefore, "Fool" is no longer the moral indictment that it once was. This author says that, today if you want to launch a vicious assault on someone's character, you should use the word 'Racist'.

the word racist is being used to maliciously assassinate people's character and reputation if they disagree with an approved (by race-hustlers) agenda. If you have been tracking the current on-going assault against Rush Limbaugh, you have witnessed a demonstration of what I am describing.

The word racist has morphed into a malicious hate-word that is being used for the same purpose that the word fool was used for in the days of Jesus: As a method of angry, hateful, personal assault on someone's character. Matthew 5:22 is not about criticism or disagreement; Matthew 5:22 is about the politics of personal destruction, the sin of attempted character assassination.

Do you agree or disagree? Check out the above, maybe a little rambling but interesting nonetheless, article.



chantell said...

I agree that some people cry "racist" when they shouldn't have, but it is not the modern-day equivalent of the Bible's verse about calling your brother a "fool."

Rush Limbaugh is not the greatest of example of someone's character being maligned due to being called a racist, though. There have been statements attributed to him that have no adjective to describe them other than "racist."

I don't think it's a great idea to bandy that term about because it is so charged and holds a lot of implication. But if something is racist, it's racist. And many statements that Rush Limbaugh has made are.

E. Neumann said...

Hi Chantell,
Thanks for your comments! You know they are like gold to the solitary blogger.

I don't listen to Rush very often as his manner is a little hardcore for me, so could you give me an example of racist statements he has made?

chantell said...

I could, but don't want to post them here because they are offensive. If you would like to see some examples, just google "Rush Limbaugh quotes" and you'll find a few.

S.N. said...

I think to me, "fool" in the Bible days meant someone lacking on moral judgment, who just didn't get it in life.
"Racist" is a deliberate personal attack, meant only to cast a negative light on someone. "Fool" in the Bible was decried and you'd be saying to yourself, "Duh, I could have told you that." But the word "racist" is being used in the context the way you would decry a witch in the Dark Ages ... there's no way to defend yourself. Once you've been called a racist, it's like you're branded.

Anonymous said...

I listen to Rush a lot. The majority of the quotes attributed to him in the current controversy aren't genuine. Most of them were literally manufactured, and have since been retracted by the various agencies that reported them without checking. Is a pretty fair treatment of it...

Some the things he did say could certainly be called blunt, perhaps even insensitive. (The worst of which occurred, in my opinion,in the early '70s.) But balancing everything he has said and done in his career, over the course of thousands of hours of airtime, to come up with the final conclusion, "He's a racist." is both unfair and untrue.

My two cents.