Thursday, October 15, 2009

Christians Aren't Funny

Joel Stein, in a very funny “the Awesome Column” at Time magazine, makes the case that Christians aren’t funny. He participates in Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church Improv Group (video included) and offers some interesting thoughts:

"There are many things Evangelical Christians are good at, such as bake sales and talking to me on planes. They're less adept at other things, such as comedy and fighting lions. Christians aren't funny because they tend to be literal-minded."

Just read it with an open mind. Besides, I always thought some of us were funny, but maybe we’re not . . .

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Ellie N. said...

I loved the article! Totally laughed the whole time. Having said that, Doesn't it take more creative thinking to be funny without using all the common curse words and sexual sallies? I wouldn't know, as I am rarely funny....on purpose. Also, the whole formalized comedy routine was developed by "the world" and thus, will be judged by its standards.