Friday, October 23, 2009

Forum Day 1: Your Calling

Greetings to all fellow bloggers and readers alike! My name is Samantha Bean. I am a Sophomore at Gateway College of Evangelism. Lord willing, in just a few short years I will graduate with a degree!

Today kicked off the first day of The Forum. What an amazing move of God in the sessions today. Bro. Jason Sciscoe discussed Spiritual Gifting vs. Physical Calling. What really struck me was the statement, "How many people come into the church or grew up in the church who are no longer here?" This amazes me because following this statement we discussed the fact that these people who are filled with the Holy Ghost and know truth never really found their calling in life. We are to be disciples of God. We must always be productive in His kingdom doing something whether that project is our 'calling' or not. Jesus never called anyone who was waiting around on God's voice to say THIS is your calling. Remember, even if you personally do not know what specific ministry you are called to please always do something for the kingdom of God. It could be you that saves someone's soul.

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