Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter

We've all heard the saying, (especially you, guys, who are attempting to choose your Proverbs 31 woman wisely) that women will eventually turn into their mothers. Take a look at Mama, and that's what Honey's going to look like on down the road.

This article explains how that little saying may hold some scientific weight. A study published by the American Society of Plastic surgeons "found that daughters' faces tend to follow their mothers in terms of sagging and volume loss, particularly around the corners of their eyes and lower eyelids" due to the fact that "mothers and daughters have the same skeletal and cellular make up."

Ladies, is this thrilling or chilling news?

I must brag and say that to me, the news is thrilling. My mom would kill me if I put her exact age on a blog for the World Wide Web to see, but let's say that my dear one is close to applying for membership in the Half a Century Club. People say we look alike to the point that some have mistaken us for siblings instead of a mother/daughter pair. If homegirl looks this good now, when I approach half a century, I won't have anything to worry about.

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